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Split it!

Hey, we've now doubled our number of beehives.  It was nice day, upper 6o's and clear, little breeze--great day to do this.  We had no advance warning, just knew the queen would arrive sometime after the third week in April. We got a call from the post office this morning saying they had a package with live queens in it and we could come pick it up before the post office opened if we wanted.   I did wait until after it was open.  The bees were in a thin white envelope, with holes in it clearly marked "LIVE QUEEN".  It said to keep it out of the sun.  She thought there could not possibly be a live queen bee in there and thought it had to be larva.  I told her it would be in a cage in the package, too it out, checked and everything seemed fine.  The queen and her attendants (about 4) were in a small plastic container with a tube on one end and a plug in a hole next to it.  There was  masking tape around the tube.  I was not sure whether or not I was to open the small p…