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First Honey Extraction

Success!  We completed our first honey harvest today.  The process went fairly smoothly.  There were a few wrinkles and we learned some things, but overall I'd have to say it went well.  Here is a video on YouTube that tells the basics.
We did use the bee escape yesterday, but that proved less successful than I had hoped.  There were fewer bees, but since I was hoping for NO bees in the honey super, I was disappointed.  Maybe next year I will leave it on for two days.  We brushed off the remaining bees.  I did leave two of the frames in the 9 frame super that were not filled out, but the other 7 were beautiful, nicely capped.  There were few cells that contained honey that were not capped.  We put them in a big container, with lid, after removing the bees and took them to the barn for processing.
We used a big plastic bin with a homemade board attached and a long bread knife for the uncapping.  It worked very well, and we wondered why the need to buy expensive, heated knives.  We …