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Quick inspection

Today started pretty cool, in the low 40's, but warmed well into the 80's by afternoon.  I decided to check both hives to see if I needed to add a super yet.  As you can see, they were really flying.  The bees were making a steady move up and under the outer cover, carrying huge loads of pollen, some light colored and some a bright yellow.

I started with the 2nd hive, which had the most activity and seems to be slightly stronger at this point, though it could just be the behavior of this hive is a bit different.  I wanted to check the frames we added when we did the hive reversal to see how they were being filled out, if at all.
Bees were all over the inner cover and the top of the frames on the top hive body.  The new frames seemed to be drawn out already, so I didn't hesitate to go ahead and add a honey super.  Unfortunately, in my haste I had brought everything out except the queen excluders, and though there are those who prefer to call them "honey excluders", …