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Second Harvest!

A bit less than two weeks ago, I treated hive #2 for mites and checked the progress on the honey in the one remaining super.  Though they had been filling out cells pretty well, few were capped, so I placed it on top of the hive for them to take back into the hive and clean them up.  In hive #1, on which I still had two medium supers, I thought it was a good possibility they might finish capping at least some of the frames, since many had one side capped and at least part of the other.  So I left them. 
    Today, knowing I would be pretty busy this weekend and then leaving early next week, when it is to turn cool and rainy anyway, I decided I had better pull the supers off the hives and treat hive #1 for mites.  I had decided that I might be able to get a few frames to process and the rest I would split between feeding back to the bees and making some mead.
     To our surprise, after we treated the bees and took a look at the two supers on #1, we found all frames were better th…