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Not much progress

Disappointing day.  I had put the new queen in hive #3 on May 7th, so when I went into the hive today I fully expected (hoped?) to see some good brood production.  What did I see?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zipola.  After my near catastrophe with the delivery of the new queen, now I see no evidence of her at all.  No eggs, larva, zero.  Very upsetting.  So I moved over to hive #2, into which I had placed two frames with very good looking eggs the same day.  I looked for queen cells.  Nothing.  Nada Zip.  What is wrong with these bees??

Mostly likely, the culprit is the really crappy, cold,wet weather we've had in the past couple weeks.  One morning this week, beyond the May 15th historical last day of frost, we had frost.  We've had a lot of rain, many very windy, cool, overcast days, and just not a lot of great climate for the bees to do their thing.

So, I put two more good frames of eggs and young larva in hive #2, one frame in hive # 3. placed a super on hive #1 which is really goin…

Another Near Queen Disaster

I did two splits two weeks ago from our one surviving hive.  Although I couldn't find the queen, I examined each frame I pulled out very carefully and was sure she remained in the original hive.  The first split, which I'll now call hive #2, I will try to have the bees make a queen.  In the second split, hive #3, I planned to introduce a Minnesota hygenic queen. 

I started today by checking on hive #2, looking for any sign of larva or eggs, hoping to find none.  I found none, which meant the queen was still in hive #1.  I found two frames with a lot of good looking eggs in the top box of #1 and put them in the other hive.  I'll pull more frames out in a week.  There were now plenty of drones in the hive, so there should be plenty to mate with the queen when she emerges.

Now, for the queen I ordered.  I've been very happy with B and B Honey Farm and the queens I've gotten from them have been very productive.  I originally was told they would be available last week b…