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Winter Woes

Three hives going into winter.  Now two.  Again, really disappointing.

I went out about 2weeks ago to check on the hives.  We had a +40 degree day.  I had fed the bees sugar about a week before that, and all 3 hives looked fine.  All had honey, all seemed to have a lot of bees.
Now, the one hive I had thought to have the best chance for survival was dead.  A pile of dead bees covered the sugar I had fed them earlier.  Half a pattie still sat on the frames as well. I was really disappointed.  Late in the afternoon and upset, I just closed the hive back up.  The other two hives looked great.  Each had eaten some of the sugar I had fed earlier.  I added to this and closed them up.

The next day I went out to the hives again.  It was still above 40 degrees, so I thought I'd take a better look at the dead hive to try to find out what happened.
 The first thing I noticed was the size of the cluster.  It covered several frames, plus several hundred dead bees on top of the sugar.  Not a h…