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More Queen Woes

I looked at my new hives a couple of days ago.  Hive #2 was looking strong, needing a third box on top.  Hive #3 had some capped pupa and very young larva.  I did not see the queen in either hive but she must be there.  The third had many fewer bees so I planned to add some with a newspaper divide.  I couldn't do it that day so I planned the next.  I would take them from the strong, #1 hive.
The next day I went into #1, removing the two supers and looking for some frames with larva.  Found none.  Not in any of the boxes, and bees were filling every frame with nectar.  No wonder they have been nasty. I've been too busy with other projects to look at them much and the queen had been laying well several weeks ago.  So, I need a new queen for this hive now. It seems to never end.  At least there are a ton of bees in this hive, so hopefully they can get back on track.  My problem now is, though, what  to do with all those frames filling up with nectar.
Ted Talks had a nice little vi…

Installed Queens

Just a quick note.  I installed two queens May 5th.  Checking 3 days later, they were both released.  Hopefully there are enough bees in the new hives to be able to manage.  Weather has been a real mix, with rain, sunshine and coolness.
My main hive still seems to have way too many bees.  I'll need to do something about that.
Thanks to Adam Ebert for the queens.  You can check out his blog at Adam Ebert's Tales of Bees.