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Fall Harvest and Winter Prep

After first thinking we might have a banner harvest, and then awhile back seeing fewer frames drawn out, we ended with a moderate harvest of about 4 gallons, or 48 pounds.  Now, starting from the one hive that survived the winter and making three splits, I didn't expect much from the starter hives.
However, it was hive #2, the strongest of the splits, that produced the most honey.  This is with a qualification--at one point, upon inspection I had looked all through hive #1 trying to see how the queen was doing.  I did not find her and found that the hive was pretty much honey bound.  They did produce a lot of honey, just not in the supers.  After putting in some fresh frames, the queen eventually began to lay again and all was well, but they had put so much energy into filling those frames we just didn't get honey from them like I would have liked.

So, next year, these are things I really need to keep in mind:  watch closely for bees filling all the frames in the brood box.  G…