First super in place

We checked our old hive today.  We had placed the third medium on and had checked it only a week ago. At that time, hardly anything had been drawn out.  Today, there were 6 frames fully drawn with each frame drawn out some.  Since the bees have been bearding every day in large clusters, we decided to go ahead and add the super.  If they draw it out as quickly as they have the last box, we will have honey this year for sure.  The new hive has done a little work but does not have the number of bees the old hive holds, so work there is a bit slower.  We're in a great part of the season, with so many things in bloom.  Hopefully this will continue.  There is so much in fact that the bees are not even bothering with the white clover, which is in abundance.  Last year they were all over it and I have yet so see a single bee on the clover in our yard or in the neighboring pasture.  They're getting what they need somewhere!


  1. Very exciting! They really drew out those frames quickly. Must be the great weather we are having around the nation.


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