Switched frames

Well, we switched the frames this morning.  I couldn't believe how many bees were in hive #2.  They certainly seemed a bit more upset at our interventions than the bees in hive #1, but though the air was filled with bees, no stings.  The comb drawn out in hive #2 was a mess--all over the place.  We tried cleaning up things a bit as we went, but since our main objective was to take frames with larva into hive #1, we didn't want to linger too long.  We were about an hour from start to finish as it was.  Fortunately, it was warm but not as hot today as some days have been recently.  My only concern is not seeing eggs on the 2 frames we moved, though there was some very young larva, so I think they will do for making a new queen, if indeed a new one is needed.  Keeping fingers crossed.


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