Sixty degrees +

Hive #1

Hive #2
Beautiful day today, high near 65.  I had to go out and check the bees.  Wow, were they flying.  I took a video but unfortunately it turned out fuzzy, and the photos don't capture the feel at all really.  They were all over the place.  For many of these bees, this was their first time out into the world.  They were having a blast.
I looked in hive #2 first.  There were some bees near the top of the frames after I removed the inner cover but not a huge number.  I did not pull any frames but clearly saw there was still an ample honey supply.  I decided not to feed this hive at this time.
I pulled the top cover off hive #1, and bees began immediately to pour through the oval slot in the inner cover.  Hundreds were immediately on top of it, so I decided not to remove it.  I had decided not to use smoke just to avoid stressing them and to avoid forcing them to start gorging themselves on precious honey.  Instead, I added a medium super on top of the inner cover and put in 4 frames of left-over honey, some of which had been capped though not all.  Sitting in the barn over winter, the honey I could see had pretty much crystallized.  The bees should consume that just fine though.
Looking between the added honey frames.  .

They started climbing up on the frames right away, so I just closed it up and watched them.   I'll check again in a couple weeks.


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