Queens are busy again

The hot weather broke late last week, with Saturday still being pretty humid though only around 90.  Today (Wednesday) is beautiful--dry, less humid, mid-70's.  As I had assumed (make that "hoped"), the heat must have been preventing the queens from laying during the very hot spell.  It was probably too hot for the eggs/larva to even survive.  But today, we opened both hives and found plenty of larva in each.

As you can see above, still some capped cells on this frame but a lot of larva in the open cells.  Looking good.

Honey in hive #1 looks very good.  We could take the first super off already if we had the time now.  It looks fully capped and ready to go.  Maybe next week with it.  They are working on the second one and we may get some honey from that as well.  Work in hive #2 is much slower, and we may or may not get honey from that hive.  We'll see what the fall goldenrod flow turns out to be like.


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