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What's with the queens?

I opened the hives to check for progress today after being gone for 9 days.  No additional super needed in hive #2, though they are slowly working on it.  So I decided to check to see how the queen was faring.  I found a lot of capped worker cells but NO larva.  Also no apparent queen.  Now, I could have missed her since she isn't marked and I was mostly looking for frames with some young larva on them, suspecting she would be close by.  Still, she is such a new queen and  I doubt they would have swarmed in the past week.  I decided to pull a frame out of the other hive with eggs just in case.  I have two supers on that hive, and they are working on the top  one but the first super is really full of honey and quite heavy.  I can't imagine lifting down a 60 lb. super from the top of a stack of 6 boxes!  Probably won't have to do that this season unless the fall goldenrod flow is strong.
      So, I proceded to go down into that hive.  I skipped the top brood box since …

Fully Queenright

Just a quick note.  We checked hive #1 into which we introduced the new queen about 10 days ago.  In the top brood box, I first looked at a frame that had drone cells along the bottom edge, but no worker cells.  I was worried we might have developed laying workers.  On the next frame, though, we had a pretty decent pattern of capped worker cells and some larva several days old.  I was satisfied, so we didn't dig deeper (humidity overpowered curiosity--we were dripping, though it was only 80 degrees).
They  were starting to work on the second super and the first super was much heavier than a week ago.  We'll definitely have some honey again this year.  We peeked at hive #2 and they had made some progress there in the super as well, but not nearly as much, with only about 4 out of 9 frames fully drawn out.