Record High

Just a quick note: sixty-one degrees (16 degrees C) on January 5th--shattering the old record of 54 degrees (12 C)! Of course, the bees were really flying from both hives. It is expected to be warm again today, though not quite as warm but above average temps for the next week. The "normal" average temperature for this time of year is about 11 degrees F (-12 C). Again, this probably means they will be consuming their stores even more than during colder winters, so I will really have to look at early spring feeding.


  1. Jim and Kathy,
    I am really enjoying watching your videos. You look like pros to me.
    I am considering starting a hive--my first attempt ever at beekeeping, in my back yard in a suburb of st. louis. i know nothing about this, and wonder how and where to start. a course would be great, but I am too impatient to wait for 3-6 months before I start. Suggestions?
    My (ex)wife of 26 years, is from Marion, and her Dad owned Stickney's Scoreboard until selling it 20 years ago or so. I have hunted many a pheasant in your neck of the woods.

  2. Grant, thanks for your nice words. Beekeeping is great fun, but can be challenging. I strongly encourage you, if you're interested, in seeking out a local beekeeping club, attend their meetings, and also likely find a local person to serve as a mentor/resource, and also read the forums on lot of good info there.
    Good luck, and I'd be glad to offer my 2 cents worth any time if you have questions.

  3. Some eastern Missouri organizations worth looking into:
    Both offer classes for beginners. Also, here is the link to the state organization:


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