Good looking nuc

Our medium on top of Jim's new large body and bottom board.
I checked our little 5 frame nuc yesterday.  It was full of bees.  There were two queen cells hanging side by side, both capped.  By my calculations, they should emerge today or tomorrow.  I decided since they hadn't emerged yet, I would go ahead and expand the hive.  I placed the five frames in a 9 frame super, setting it on top of a friend's new 10 frame large hive body.  Once the queen gets established and begins laying, he can take this setup to his land.  He may or may not take the queen.  If he decides he wants her, I'll start another in a nuc.  I've decided we need to keep a backup.  Last year, with both hives failing, it was a scramble to get them queened.
Since this one is right outside our barn, I'll keep an eye on it.  If I'm lucky, I'll see a queen take off on a mating flight!


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