June and things are growing

I decided to take a peek at the new hive we're trying to get started.  I put a frame with eggs and larva in on  May 23rd, so I thought a queen might have emerged.  Last time I checked, last Monday, I thought I found a queen cell though the bees continued to cover it so much I couldn't really be sure.  Today there was clearly a queen cell at the top of frame #3.
It has been 17 days, so I'd think she would be coming out very soon.  I'll check back mid-week next week.
The clover is slowly getting past its prime.  There has been a lot of it and the bees have definitely been working it.  I also found some bees on our blossoming cilantro, but more often the little dark bee in the photo below.
Not the best photo, for sure.  Probably a type of mason bee?
The bees are doing well, but other things are looking good here in Iowa in June.  It's been quite dry, but we're heading into a great berry season nonetheless.  The black raspberries should be plentiful, though we're still learning how to trim them properly to get larger, juicier berries.  We'll continue to get a bigger harvest from our wild ones along the edge of the woods.

The reds are also loaded, but we'll have to contend with the Japanese beetles, just emerging (shown here on the underside of a leaf).  They will not only eat the foliage but will also go after the fruit, in huge numbers.  They're really a problem.
Blueberries and grapes are also looking good.  Grapes initially were affected by a late frost but are now looking good.  Blueberries were not affected.

 Kathy's garden is also in good early season shape.  We've already had a lot of lettuce and cabbage.   Here are her tomatoes.
So, that's a little tour of some of what's growing here.  We'll be busy picking quite a few berries in the next several weeks.  Mmmmmmmm, black raspberry pie!


  1. Looks like you have got a lot going on. We have a grape arbor, the garden, a couple of apple trees, and the bees of course. I wish we had the time and space to do more.

  2. Hi, Gareth. Well, it helps being retired regarding the time, but I still never get everything done I want. With more space, you do more, which results in even less time. We're fortunate to have several acres with some very private space even though town has grown tremendously out our way. I guess we have the benefits of both rural and city life combined.


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