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June and things are growing

I decided to take a peek at the new hive we're trying to get started.  I put a frame with eggs and larva in on  May 23rd, so I thought a queen might have emerged.  Last time I checked, last Monday, I thought I found a queen cell though the bees continued to cover it so much I couldn't really be sure.  Today there was clearly a queen cell at the top of frame #3.
It has been 17 days, so I'd think she would be coming out very soon.  I'll check back mid-week next week.
The clover is slowly getting past its prime.  There has been a lot of it and the bees have definitely been working it.  I also found some bees on our blossoming cilantro, but more often the little dark bee in the photo below.
Not the best photo, for sure.  Probably a type of mason bee?
The bees are doing well, but other things are looking good here in Iowa in June.  It's been quite dry, but we're heading into a great berry season nonetheless.  The black raspberries should be plentiful, though we'…

Early June Inspection

I first checked the nuc today to see if there was any sign yet of a queen cell from the frames I put in on May 23rd.  There clearly seems to be at least one queen cell, which would be approximately two weeks old.  It is in the photo below, but a little group of nurse bees kept covering it, lending credence to the likelihood that it contains a queen.

I contemplated adding another frame from one of the other hives, but I think I'll do a wait-and-see here.

I checked hive #2, the stronger of the other hives, to see how they had progressed during our week away to northern Minnesota.  I had anticipated possibly needing to add a second super.  The bees have been building comb and adding some nectar but no frames full of honey yet.  I looked deeper into the hive and found the top hive body (of 3) is almost totally full of honey, most capped.  It's quite heavy.  I began to be worried that the hive was getting honeybound, so looked deeper.  The middle box has a lot of ugly frames, and I…