Quick Check

Temperature was 36 degrees or so this afternoon, so I thought I'd take a quick check.  Bees appeared fine, pretty tight cluster at the top.  Still about 1 and a half patties left, so I didn't add anything and just closed them up again.  Later in the week, after another winter storm sludges through, it should get into the 40's.  I think I'll put the top feeder on and give some sugar water then.  I'm anxious for a 50 degree day to see if any brood are present and get an assessment of how large the colony is, since I'm wanting to do a split early as possible.  That may have to wait, though, with long term forecasts calling for colder than average temps the next several weeks.
Hopefully, we'll get some clear nights even though cold so we can get a good look at comet PanSTARRS, coming into view in the northern hemisphere mid-March.


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