Extracting tomorrow

I checked the bees a week ago and knew then that we'd probably be able to take some honey this weekend.  As you can see above, the bees have drawn out a lot of comb, filled it and capped it already.  It has been a great honey flow, and probably will still go on for some time with lots of clover.  We pulled two boxes (18 frames) from hive #2, but the two hives started from splits have all filled their top box with honey, most of it capped. I have supers on both now.  So they will have great stores going into the winter and we may still get another harvest later in the summer.
I pulled the frames out and shook most of the bees off, while Kathy used a soft brush to get the rest of them off then put the frames in the bins behind her.  It all went pretty smoothly.
I dumped the bees back in front of the hive  As you can see, they made quite a pile.  I checked later and they had made their way back up into the hive, thanks to the inner cover I left as a ladder.  Tomorrow we'll extract.


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