Another New Virus

Researchers have discovered a new virus affecting honey bees that is a cross-over from plants to insects.  It is called the Tobacco Ringspot Virus, previously not known to infect insects.  To read about it, click on Tobacco Ringspot Virus.

How much this virus will impact the bee population and to what extent it may contribute to CCD will likely be the focus of further research.

In a more positive vein, my daughter, Jessica, our "resident" entomologist,  sent a link about what sounds like a very good program for beekeepers in Ethiopia, a country in an area that has been involved in beekeeping since the earliest times.  Read about WEEMA.


  1. That's terrible news, about the bee virus. The assault on the little insects never ends :(

  2. Yes, it just seems there is always something more. We also have a new nasty fruitfly that attacks our blueberries and raspberries. This one is bad news too.


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