Cup 1/3 Full

Temps in the mid-forties, but that is the only good news.  Well, I guess having one hive still alive is better than none, but we lost our 8 framer.  It was really full of bees, and this last cold snap last week (15 below) was just too much.  They had consumed most of one patty, but were just too high in the top box.  I suppose if I had pulled some frames last time and put in some honey frames, they might have made it, but they were just too angry at the time and flying out all over the place when it was only 20 degrees so I didn't want to open the hive more than I did.  I suppose I should have anyway.
The remaining hive looks like good numbers and there is a full box of honey in the top box yet, so go figure.  I won't know if there is a queen until it really warms up more.  The other good news is the long-term forecast, which though still on the cool side, is hundreds of times better than the past several weeks with some nights above freezing.  It's about time.


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