Honey Flow

The honey flow is definitely on.  I wondered today if I will ever have a season where all the hives come through winter with a queen and each fills out honey supers.  What a harvest that would be.  This year, I'll likely have to settle for honey from one strong hive, which we are probably fortunate to have.
Bees are clearly all over the red raspberries.  They love it.  Unfortunately, this first part of the raspberry season is almost finished as far as blooms are concerned.  Another week and all will be forming fruit.  So far, bees are not on the clover in the grass much, nor are they on the volunteer buckwheat which has grown in the area we planted last year.  Hopefully the flow will continue and last well into July, which should bring us at least one full super if not two.


  1. This is the first year where 2 of our beehives to have survived the winter. All was going well, until lately they have been dying off because of some kind of pesticide poisoing. Sigh. I'm hoping they bounce back!

  2. That's too bad about the poisoning. I imagine that would be very difficult in that environment to pinpoint the source. We, at least, here in Iowa, have a situation where beekeepers register their hives with the State and growers have to notify apiaries within a certain distance before they spray. Two hives, though, you should get some honey!


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