Goldenrod still going strong

It's funny.  I have been looking at the goldenrod for several weeks, without seeing bees.  Honeybees, that is.  There have been the ever-present bumblebees and other small bees and wasps, but few honeybees.  Today, however, with temps struggling to get into the 70's under a partly cloudy sky, the honeybees were out in force on the goldenrod.
I checked with the bees two days ago, and did not notice the "smelly sock" odor that accompanies uncapped goldenrod honey.  I'll never forget the panic I experienced the first time I noticed the odor--certain that my hives had AFB!  Fortunately, I did some reading before torching them to find out that it is not a concern.
In my inspection the other day, I was surprised to see that hive #4, which at last inspection was basically out of food and had no larva and few capped cells, had many more bees than I recalled and were filling cells both with nectar and royal jelly!  I did not see the queen, though I didn't look in the bottom of the two boxes.  I do suspect that they have made a new queen and she is hopefully about to begin laying.  I "think" I saw a few eggs, though not for sure since the lighting was poor at the time.  The other hives certainly have some honey ready in them, though there seemed to be a lot of frames full of honey that wasn't ready to be capped.  I'll give them more time.


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