First Pollen

Our red maple just outside the house is in full bloom and our honey bees are all over it.  We've been giving them pollen substitute but I'm glad to see that real pollen is now available to them.  They're going crazy.

Bees were busy bringing in the pollen,

This is the new outer feeder we bought at Theisen's.  It is very easy to refill.  I think I'll get more of them.  This is on the hive that I discovered is queenless.  I put some frames with young bees in on St. Patrick's day, but that may be too early develop a queen that will be able to mate. Time will tell.


  1. Hi Jim - Those boardman feeders are great in the spring, but they will cause major robbing later in the year. What I ended up doing was cutting round holes in my inner covers, covering the holes with screens and setting the jar on top of the screen. Then surround the whole top with an empty medium and top it off with the telescoping cover. No robbing. Easy to check. Easy to change.

  2. Hi. Yes, pretty much plan to use it just for spring feeding. I do similar to what you suggest on the other hives, the only difference being I set them on to thin pieces of wood on the inner cover so bees can walk under. Hope you're having a good spring.


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