March Pollen!

After opening the hives yesterday and with temps today reaching the mid-60's, I walked out back to check on the bees.  I expected to see them flying, but did not expect to see them bringing in huge caches of pollen.  Zoom on the photo to see full  sacs of a light-colored, amber pollen.
They were working hard at both hives.  If the temps keep up and the pollen supply continues, given how full the hives were of bees and honey, I'll need to throw on some supers here in a week or so.  Last year our honey was put on early, in June.  This is still mid-March, but I also did splits last year, so numbers in the individual hives were down.  Still debating doing a split this year and adding a 3rd hive.  Have to think about that some more.

On another note, having found no worms in the hive yesterday, I did pull out the trays today and found a very large cockroach. Perhaps the mystery of the poop is finally solved in favor of the cockroach.  I'd much rather see that than a wax worm infestation any day.


  1. We are new to bee keeping as well, this is the first year they survived the winter (mites killed them off last year)and today we too noticed them bringing in light color pollen. We are in Michigan and there isn't any green yet, let alone pollen producing plants (so we thought). Coincidentally I was meeting a client at their house this evening and while waiting for them to get home I noticed the bush I was parked next to had small goldish colored flowers, no leaves yet, only the blossoms. Bees were all over it, so whatever that bush is must be one source of pollen. I came across your blog while googling what the bush may be. Have a good spring -Jason

  2. A beautiful site Jim!!! Great that they are coming along so nicely! You should be getting lots of honey this year.

  3. I am just getting to beekeeping and have been trying to read everything I can find to help me get educated. Your blog is extremely informative and I will bee checking back often to see how things are going. You have done a great job in documenting your experience. Best of luck in the coming year.


  4. Thanks for the nice comments, folks. Hope all your bees come into the spring in great shape.


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