Return of other flying creatures

Yesterday, as I have daily, I looked up at the cell phone tower we see out our back window to see if the ospreys have returned.  Sure enough, one sat on the highest post atop the tower surveying its domain.  There were workmen up on the tower last week, and we wondered if they would try to dismantle the nest but it seems like they were fine with it being there.
I shot this photo two years ago, through my telescope, when the osprey had their first pair of nestlings.  They raised more last year and we will see what this year brings.
As for the bees, they continue to enjoy the comfortable temps, in the 40's and even up to 60 today.  They have still been bringing in lots of light colored pollen.  I found about a dozen bees in the mud down by the woods where I was dumping some tree trimmings.  It looked like they were after moisture from the mud.  I placed the birdbath out near the hives, so perhaps they can use that as well.


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