Almost 3 Gallons

Still a little in the strainer, but we'll finish this just shy of 3 gallons.  These are the new gallon jugs we bought this summer at Mann Lake. Ltd. in Minnesota.  They should work nicely for pouring, since they have a good handle.  The honey is light and sweet.  We've noticed no indication yet of goldenrod honey (no dirty sweat sock smell!).  It is in full bloom, so perhaps we'll still see a late surge.  I have probably 7 or 8 frames that are not far from being finished but won't be able to get to those until late September or even October.

We enjoyed the evening at the Iowa City library last night where they screened the film "More Than Honey".  It was certainly thought provoking.  At what point do we vastly overdo it insofar as managing the bees, and how much of the problems we're facing with bees comes from our very own manipulations.  And it isn't just the problem with our management of the honey bee but what we've done overall to the environment and what we're doing with our monoculture practices in agriculture.  Andy Joseph, state apiarist, gave a nice talk before the film.


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