Labor Day Harvest

Just a quick update.  We collected frames of honey from all 3 hives, though we'll extract only 11 frames.  We left a super on each hive.  Some frames are completely filled and capped on one side, while others are about 70% capped.  It will be at least a couple weeks until  I can check them again.  This may be our final extraction, though, since I may save those frames for late fall feeding.  Given the weather and the fact that two of the three hives were started this summer, we've done all right with honey and will have over 100 lbs. for the season.  I'll update this tomorrow or the next day with some photos and the amount we extract.  I'm guessing a bit over 2 gallons.

Tomorrow night we're going to a screening in Iowa City of the film "More Than Honey".  Our state apiarist, Andy Joseph, will introduce the film.  I've seen the trailer and it should be very interesting visually at least.


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