Fingers crossed

We did a very thorough search of hive #1 and found no queen, eggs, larva or any type of capped cell.  There continues to be a huge number of bees in this hive, which remains pretty well-behaved in spite of being queenless.  Two weeks ago, our inspection also showed no queen.  So, we added the queen from our nuc and hope for the best.  I debated using the newspaper separation method, but felt it was important to get her in and going ASAP.  In checking the nuc, we found no eggs.  We just released her from her cage two days ago, though, so I didn't really expect to find any.
We'll check again in a week or so.  Meanwhile, they have been drawing out comb in the super and, I imagine, putting nectar in the cells though my concern today wasn't checking that out.  I'll add a super to both hives later in the week.


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