Supers, new comb

     I checked both hives today to see if they needed to have more supers added.  In hive #1, comb was drawn out and being filled on better than 80% of the frame space, so I did add a super there.  I also checked the condition of some of the comb on the several frames we have in that super that have just a strip at the top rather than foundation. As you can see in the photo, there is some lovely white comb getting filled with honey.
     Now, I was a bit surprised at the size of the cells.  My understanding was that the bees would naturally produce cells that are smaller than the standard cell size one gets with foundation.  I didn't measure these, but they certainly appear big to me.  Do they make cells different size when they want to store honey rather than brood?  At any rate, we'll look forward to having a bit of comb honey this year. One foundationless frame they had not begun to draw out at all yet.
     Hive #2, which just last week had a new laying queen, has only drawn out about 3 1/2 frames, so I didn't add a super yet to that hive.
     The weather continues to be quite strange.  Cool, with the highs only in the upper 60's and intermittent drizzle.   Definitely not "happy bee" weather, though the bees have been very well behaved.  Hopefully, the big honey flow is yet to come.


  1. yea when they make honey cells I have seen huge cells that look even bigger then drone cells, they know what they are doing :)


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